Driver development

Unixphere's expertise are within device driver development for Linux. We will assists our clients with the implementation of full-featured, high-quality device drivers for hardware chips.

We usually work with a clean Linux installation, but can of course help our customers with the bring-up of any target system. For instance, we have a lot of experience within Android, uClinux, MeeGo and other Linux based systems.

Our customers may choose any hardware target for the development of their device drivers. However, if there are no preferences we recommend using one of the open hardware platforms Beagleboard, Pandaboard or Arduino.


One of the many offers that Unixphere can provide their customers is a common place for distribution and bug reporting of the driver code. We aim to follow the common practices of any open-source project by providing full transparency of the progress for the customer and the community.

A dedicated page will be created for each driver project. This page will contain information about the hardware peripheral and its device driver. It will also hold the latest archive of the source code and links to the repository and bug tracker.

Work flow

The following pictures illustrates the typical work flow of a driver project.

Work flow

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