BMP18x Linux device driver

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About project

This driver implements support for Bosch Sensortec's BMP18x pressure sensors, including BMP085 and BMP180.
The driver is interfaced through the following sysfs parameters: There are currently two versions of the driver: Linux and Android. The only difference is that the Android version has support for early_suspend.

Source code

The latest source tar-balls can be found in the download section. If you want to browse the git repository, it can be found at

Install and build

The driver can be installed and built as a module by issuing the following commands:
$ tar zxvf bmp18x.tar.gz
$ cd bmp18x
$ make

To cross-compile the driver you need to point to the target's kernel tree:
$ tar zxvf bmp18x.tar.gz
$ cd bmp18x
$ ARCH=<target architecture> CROSS_COMPILE=<path to your cross-compiler> \
  KDIR=<path to your kernel tree> make



To report a bug or submit a patch to the driver, please drop a mail to our mailing list:
For patches, the same rules as for the Linux kernel applies.