EPCOS' T5400 pressure sensor

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About project

This driver implements support for the T5400 digital pressure sensor from EPCOS. The driver is interfaced through the input layer and reports ABS_PRESSURE and ABS_MISC events. The ABS_PRESSURE event holds the pressure data measured in Pascal. The ABS_MISC event reports the temperature in centi Celsius.
The driver is configured through platform data which contains the following settings: There are currently two versions of the driver: Linux and Android. The only difference is that the Android version has support for early_suspend/later_resume.

Source code

The latest source tar-balls can be found in the download section. If you want to browse the git repository, it can be found at https://github.com/unixphere/t5400.

Install and build

The driver can be installed and built as a module by issuing the following commands:
$ tar zxvf t5400.tar.gz
$ cd t5400
$ make

To cross-compile the driver you need to point to the target's kernel tree:
$ tar zxvf t5400.tar.gz
$ cd t5400
$ ARCH=<target architecture> CROSS_COMPILE=<path to your cross-compiler> \
  KDIR=<path to your kernel tree> make



To report a bug or submit a patch to the driver, please drop a mail to the unixphere mailing list: dev-drivers@unixphere.com.
For patches, the same rules as for the Linux kernel applies.